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Frequently Asked Questions 1. What is is Hostess Provider Company which is Operational in 45 cities in India. We have largest database and network of hostesses, Anchors, Male and female promoters. We provide hostess for more than 32 kinds of activities but major activities are given below: - # Exhibitions # Promotional Activities for Event Management Companies # Conferences & Summit # Tele-calling or Data Collection 2. Is it like a part time jobs or full time? a. Part Time jobs but related to promotional activities only which is billion dollars industry. 3. How can I get events and anchoring assignments from a. You need to be a registered member of for working with for any projects 4. Do you charge for registration? a. No. It’s absolutely free of cost 5. How and where can I register my profile on your website? a. Click here to register = 6. How can I get password if I forget? a. Click here to retrieve your password = 7. If my profile is incomplete, can I get assignment? a. May be or may not be. But it will surely increase your chance to get assignments if your profile is complete. 8. Can I get assignments of events and anchoring if I do not upload my profile on your website? a. No 9. Why do you ask for alternative numbers? a. To contact the candidate in emergency 10. Why do you ask for beautiful pictures or pictures of presentation looks? a. Every client wants presentable candidates with good communication skills. If you do not upload good pictures in your profile, nobody would shortlist you. 11. Can you upload my profile if I send pictures to your email account? a. We request you to upload your profile yourself because they are several questions which we cannot answer like your vitals, height, weight, education, interested in events or modeling etc 12. Why is it mandatory to upload profile on your website? a. Because our clients want to see complete profile of every candidate. Clients normally ask around 40 to 50 questions related to candidates and it’s impossible to ask every candidate every time such questions again and again and again. Apart from this, in a year, we use to get thousands of calls from clients and we have to send profiles millions of times. 13. How can I delete my profile? a. Whenever you want us to delete your profile, just send email to us from your registered email address to 14. How can I edit my profile? a. Just login with your user ID (registered email address ) and password 15. How much do you pay to a candidate? a. It depends upon the profile of candidate, his or her communication skills and project’s budget as well. 16. Can I do bargaining for payments with a. No. If you insist us for bargaining or increasing the budget for you, we may not send your profile to clients. Once we fix the cost for the project, it’s final. 17. Will give same package to me for all projects? a. No. It fluctuates. Suppose, if you have worked with us for a project at Rs.100, next time, you may be offered less or more than previous project’s package 18. What is the procedure to get selected for any project? a. Once you upload your profile on our website, we start sending links of your profiles according to the requirement of clients. Then client sends us the list of shortlisted candidates. After that we start contacting shortlisted candidates and send the list of those candidates to clients who are ready for that particular project. 19. When do you call us for projects? a. When your profile gets shortlisted. 20. Will you ask me before sending my profile to client? a. May be or may not be. Reason is simple. In a year, we use to get thousands of calls from clients and we have to send profiles millions of times. It’s almost next to impossible to ask candidates before sending their profile to clients. At most of the time, we do not ask the candidates but in some cases where client is very much particular about his requirement, then we consult first with candidate. 21. Can I do illegal work or activity (Prostitution) with the client of a. Strictly no. If you get found doing this, has all rights to file a case against you. Therefore, everybody must read and accept our terms and conditions 22. What should I do if your client is asking me for any kind of illegal work or activity? a. Normally our every client also has to read and accept terms and conditions. If still he or she is asking you to do anything illegal, it’s your responsibility to inform us immediately in written (Email, SMS or whatsapp). Verbal complaint or information will not be entertained. 23. Who becomes brand ambassador of a. Those people who are continuously working for and no client has made any complaint against them. Those who have never let us down in front of our clients or have been praised by the clients for their work. 24. What are the benefits of becoming brand ambassador of a. We promote most who are brand ambassador because they have won trust of our company and our clients as well. It means brand ambassadors get maximum offers and assignments. 25. How can I become brand ambassador of a. Just keep working for with sincerity and passion. Try to do more and more projects. After 5 assignments, we may choose you as brand ambassador of 26. Can I write in my Facebook profile that “I work at” without your permission? a. Yes, but your any activity on Facebook should not harm the brand image of 27. Who selects “Brand Ambassador of the week “for a. Team or authorized person of 28. Can a married female or male do events for a. Yes 29. Can I do events with you if I am below 18 years old? a. Normally, we do not prefer, but in modeling assignments we consider those candidates who are above 16 years old. 30. Can I send the link of my profile shown on your website to my direct clients also? a. Yes 31. I am a hostess or event promoter, but I want to start my career as an Anchor. How can I start it with a. First make your ppt (presentation) and send us. After that if our team finds it suitable, we may start offering you anchoring projects according to your skills and profile. We suggest you to take every opportunity without focusing on amount as newcomers do not get handsome amount in anchoring assignments. Only low or very low budget assignments can be offered to newcomers in Anchoring industry. 32. Do you do written agreement? a. Yes. Normally through Email, but we do agreement on stamp paper as well when cash transaction (sale of any product or service) is involved in any activity 33. Do I need to read and accept terms and conditions of your company every time? a. Yes, but if you have filled it earlier and not able to fill it due to any reason this time, then old acceptance will be applicable for new project also. 34. How can I get payment? a. Bank transfer or through cheque. 35. How can I be assured about the payments? a. We do written agreement with every candidate every time and take written confirmation as well. It itself is the surety of payment according to law in India. Apart from this, we are registered company in India. We are not roadside vendors. 36. When can I be blacklisted? a. is very much professional and do not tolerate anybody who cause loss to us or our brand image. We need only genuine and sincere candidates. There are several reasons for blacklisting given below:- i. If you ditch us in last minute ii. If you cheat us or our clients iii. If you cause loss to us or client iv. If you do same mistake again and again and again v. If you damage our brand image in front of anybody 37. What will be the loss of mine if I get blacklisted? a. After blacklisting you in, we may send your profile (Showing blacklisted) to more than 7500 clients, 4 Lakh exhibitors and 40,000 other client who hire candidates for their promotional activities and we may suggest them not to hire you. 38. When do you make payments? a. For events – one month b. For exhibitions – within 1 to 7 days 39. Why do you make first payment through Cheque at my place or home? a. It’s our policy to check whether the candidate’s residence is in that particular city or not. Whether the candidate is serious about the assignment or not. 40. Do I need to have Black skirt and white shirt? a. Yes, because in some cases, clients do not ready to pay for that 41. How do you give us remind or How do you coordinate with us? Inform us if you are late If you are late or stuck in traffic or there is any problem due to that you are not able to reach on time at venue, you must inform us immediately or before the event starts. It will help us to make alternative arrangement. We use to make three reminder calls to promoters/anchor after confirmation of the event and selection of the candidate. a. 1st reminder call – one day before the event b. 2nd reminder call – in the morning or minimum 3 to 6 hours before the event c. 3rd reminder call – 15 minutes before the event You must attend all phone calls of our executive. No excuse (Ex: - my phone was in my bag, it was on silent mode, my phone was not with me, my phone was on charging mode, I was sleeping) will be entertained. If you face any problem or you have any such information which you must tell us, but you do not inform us due to “no balance” in you cell, this excuse will also not be entertained. If you do not have balance in your cell, you are advised to make call from PCO or borrow cell from someone else. You can save our 24*7 helpline number (+91-8750508899) 42. Should I need to tell you my prior commitment before accepting your offer for any assignment? Yes. Tell us about your prior commitment. If you have any prior commitment on the day of the event or briefing day, you must inform us well in advance. Your prior commitment should not affect our event. 43. If I am not well and not able to come for event after giving confirmation? If you are not able to attend event after giving your confirmation for participation, you must inform us well in advance. It will help us or our client to make alternative arrangement. In the absence of informing us, your payment can either be kept on hold or not be paid or we can take legal action against you. 44. Do you record my conversation with your team members? Yes. Do not lie we may record conversation with promoters/emcee/anchors to avoid any kind of confusion. Therefore, we request you not to lie in any situation. This will help for better coordination. 45. What should I do if anybody misbehaves with me during the event? Behavior must be good. If clients or any visitor or any other person misbehaves with you, you must inform us immediately instead of fighting with them. 46. Can I quit the project mid way? Quit Promoter cannot quit the event once he/she starts working. does not insist anybody to work for us or our client, but once you start working, you cannot leave the event mid way. If you quit, there will be following consequences;- a. Your payment can be kept on hold or not to be paid b. You will have to pay us 100 times more of the payment which you were supposed to be paid by us. For example, if you were getting Rs.1000 per day, now you will have to pay us Rs.1, 00,000 per day. 47. Should I return property of clients or Return property of client or you are not allowed to take with you any property given by the client for promotion. You must return all properties to client at venue itself at the end of the day and inform us immediately. Our team will confirm the same with client. Properties like T-shirts, cap, feedback form, diary etc. 48. Can I accept gifts or tip from Clients? No Gift from clients Promoter must not accept any gifts or tip from client. If client insists you to accept it, you need to inform us immediately. After getting clearance from, you can accept gifts. This is just to protect you from un-genuine client. 49. Can I chat on whatsapp etc or spend time on phone? No. Phone calls during the event, you must avoid spending maximum time on phone. Please attend most important calls only (If you get call from, you need to attend or reply via SMS). 50. Can I bring my friends and family members at the venue of the event? No Friends or Family Members will be allowed during the event Promoters must avoid spending time with friends working for other clients in the same event or family members visiting or attending the same event. 51. What should I do if I have any issue with the project of client? No discussion of issues with client if you have any query related to the event, you must talk to us directly. You are not allowed to talk to client. Any kind of coordination for the event must be done through us only. If you directly do coordination with the client, we must not be held responsible, if any problem arises. Infact, Payment related issues must not be discussed with client. You are being hired through, therefore, you must talk to us only. Do not discuss any issue in front of our client. If you ask the client for your payment, you could be blacklisted or your payment can also be kept on hold or will be paid after 5 years without any interest. 52. Can I become vendor of your client? No Deal with Client Once you have worked or have attended briefing or given telephonic interview for any client through us, you are not allowed to work for the same client directly or through any other company/agency/individual coordinator for next 5 years. If you directly deal with them, you will have to pay 100 times more of the payment which you are getting from client. For example, if you are getting Rs.1000 per promoter per day, you will have to pay us Rs.1, 00,000 per promoter per day. If client approaches you for deal direct, you must not accept the offer and must inform us immediately. 53. What will happen if I become vendor of your client? Do not become vendors Once you work or attend briefing or give telephonic interview for any client through, you are not allowed to become vendor or sub vendor or last vendor for the same company for next 10 years. It means you cannot provide manpower to our client. If you break this rule, you will have to pay 100 times more of the payment which you are getting from client. For example, if you are getting Rs.1000 per promoter per day, you will have to pay us Rs.1, 00,000 per promoter per day. 54. What will happen if I violate any rule of your company? Consequences, if promoter violates any rule a. If any promoter/emcee/anchor does not follow above mentioned rules or harms the image of or company of our client, you will have to compensate. will decide the compensation and you will have to accept it b. You will be blacklisted in and blacklisted label will be pasted on your profile shown on c. If you break any rule or not follow the rules, has rights to hold your payment or deduct from your payment 55. Do the send legal notice if I get advance and then deny to work? Dispute If any dispute arises between (A Unit of RBG Sports Management & PR) and promoter/emcee/anchor/presenter (all collectively as party) hereto during the subsistence of this Agreement or thereafter, the Parties hereto shall endeavor to settle such dispute amicably. In the case of failure by the Parties to resolve the dispute in the manner set out above within 30 (thirty) days from the date when the dispute arose, the aggrieved party may refer such dispute to arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The place of arbitration shall be in New Delhi. Any action arising out of or in connection with such arbitration proceedings shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Delhi Courts only.

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