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For Models/Anchors.....

For Models/Anchors..... Learn how to deal with clients, so that you can not miss any good contract or project or waste your time running after unfaithful vendors/clients'

Rule # 4 (Specially for Anchors/Emc)

Anchor's PPT must be too impressive because it is like a first impression is the last impression. On the basis of PPT clients shortlist the anchors for final round. Anchor must remember following point while making PPT.

1. Try to make your PPT in maximum 10 templates.

2. If you have video links, one template should be dedicated to videos onlye

3. One template for educational background

4. Put logos of clients instead of writing their names

5. When you are sending PPT to any agency (Not directly to client), you must send it in .ppt format instead of pdf format.

Note : - Do not exaggerate or manipulate the facts like "I have done more than 2000 anchoring assignments in last two years." This will definitely disqualify you if client takes notice about wrong facts. Here is a very good examples.

Example : - There is a female anchor who has mentioned in her profile that she has done more than 2000 anchoring assignments in her anchoring career. She mentioned ahead that she started her anchoring career just two years back. Now think a minute. In two years, total days are 730 but she is claiming more than 2000 assignments. It means everyday she is doing around 3 assignment. How it is possible. If it is possible, i would suggest her to register her name in Genuiness book of world record. In short, anybody can understand that she is lying.

Another example, an anchor (muslim by religion) met my client (hindu) and claimed that she has done more than 70-80 anchoring assignments. But she did not know that at every auspicious occasion, we do worship for Lord Ganesha. She even never ever heard Lord Ganesha. That was her last day in when we approached her for any assignment.

So do remember Rule # 4 and get success.

This is just to alert the models to stay away from time waste so-called clients'

Rule # 5 will be posted 2moro.....

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